The Vertical Organic Garden in Action

Learn how to set up and care for your new Vertical Organic Garden by watching our instructional videos! Visit our blog to see what's growing in our Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Organic Gardens! 
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Early Season
Harvesting ingredients for fresh summer salads is easier than ever with the Vertical Organic Garden!
Easy Planting
Learn how to plant your Vertical Organic Garden using fruit and veggie starters in just a minute and a half!
Easy Setup
Watch and learn how easy it is to set up your Vertical Organic Garden, fill your reservoir, adjust pH levels, and add your vegan, organic fertilizer!
Grow your own fruit and veggie starters from seed, in rockwool or soil! Visit our blog to learn more!
Mid Season
This is the best part of having the Vertical Organic Garden! Picking your own, fresh-from-the-plant, fruits and vegetables. The taste is beyond compare!
Full Bloom
In one season of growing, you will save both time and money! The Vertical Organic Garden makes it convenient to eat the healthiest produce and contribute to helping the planet. Live green, eat green.