V.O.G. Greenhouse / Indoor Gardening

For the people who live in the colder regions with a shorter growing season, growing indoors is a perfect solution for a reliable supply of year-round produce. Fluorescent or LED grow lights mimic the sun, allowing you to grow most leafy greens and flowering vegetables indoors, even in the depths of winter! Plants that bear fruit (like tomatoes or bell peppers) will usually require too much light to reliably bear fruit indoors, but leafy greens lke spinach or kale, and even some flowering vegetables like cauliflower thrive in the lower-light conditions. 

Using your V.O.G. as a greenhouse is as easy as putting a heater in the reservoir and wrapping it with poly. The V.O.G.’s frame is also sturdy enough to mount a plexiglass frame, if you prefer. The lid is removable so turning it back to a garden is quick and seamless.  

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