The V.O.G vs Aeroponic Gardens

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Hello V.O.G Community!

In the rise of supporters and questions this week, we have decided to write about the similarities and differences between the Vertical Organic Garden, and the other gardening technologies on the market.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Hydroponics is a general category that consists of many subcategories- however in this post, we will be covering Nutrient Film Technique or NFT, versus aerponics because these are the two most common on the market. the Vertical Organic Garden runs on NFT- whereas other new age gardening systems run typically* on aeroponics.

So, what are the differences?


Aeroponics is great, however if you are looking for a space-saving garden you have chosen the wrong system. Aeroponic systems often come in large, round, tower-like statures that require a large amount of space- usually outdoors, which is not ideal in most living situations today.

The Vertical Organic Garden on the other hand, is a very versatile system. The V.O.G can be small- as tall as two-desk drawers- or as big as a standard, slim bookshelf. The sizes vary, so that every person can have a V.O.G suited to their living space. The V.O.G can also grow outside and inside, so you can have fresh food all year round!


Price is another large factor in deciding what kind of garden you wish to purchase. You must weigh not only the space you are limited to, but the plant yield and number of pots you can plant. Aeroponic companies typically sell a 20-pot one-size system for $700, whereas the V.O.G sells its small garden -The Mini- with 16 pots, for $200.

Sound and Appearance:

Aeroponic gardens run on a spray-system, where a pipe-like hose moves up and down while spraying water inside the garden on plant roots. This can be noisy, as the water will hit the inside material of the aeroponic system and making a water “ping.” As mentioned above, aeroponics gardens often come in round tower-like shapes as well, which uses up quite a bit of space. Also these gardens can only be grown outside in the spring-summer months.

The V.O.G on the other hand creates a smooth-sounding waterfall, emulating a relaxation space. Combine this with the great energy from the plants and the sleek-modern design, the V.O.G is sure to complete any living space. Not to mention, the V.O.G can be this relaxing indoors and outdoors!

We respect that buying a garden is a personal choice, and depends on many factors including space, budget and time. We always encourage our visitors to read our FAQ, to discover more about the Vertical Organic Garden.

Happy growing!