Benefits & Features

The Vertical Organic Garden makes it possible for you to grow your own 100% organic vegetables for a fraction of what you would pay in the grocery store! 95% of garden pests lay their eggs in the soil next to the roots of your fruits and vegetables. Because the VOG doesn't have any soil, those pests can't invade, and any pesticide use is therefore heavily mitigated. The Vertical Organic Garden lets you control 100% of what goes into your veggies: so you can enjoy them knowing they're chemical-free! 

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The Vertical Organic Garden helps you master the plant-to-plate lifestyle! When you eat fruits and vegetables the same day they are picked, they have 100% of their nutritional value and 100% of their flavors – they actually taste clean. With the Vertical Organic Garden, you can harvest enough vegetables for dinner without harming the living garden so that your produce is always 100% Nutritious and Delicious!

Year Round GardeningEat your own veggies in as little as 3 weeks

The Vertical Organic Garden allows for year round gardening thanks to the science of hydroponics. Take full advantage of the sun shining into your living space during the summer months, and use the removable light assembly to aid with growth during the winter months. You will be able to enjoy fresh, organic and sustainable food in as little as three weeks!

100% Organic and Pesticide FreeYou know it, because you grow it

Many commercial farms use a staggering number of pesticides and other harmful chemicals to mitigate pests and protect their crops. The inevitable runoff from these chemicals leeches into the soil, pollutes our water, and harms the earth. Because the Vertical Organic Garden is soilless, insects and pests are not an issue, so pesticides are not required. You can feel good about growing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs without the use of chemicals.

An Entire Garden in 8 sq ft! Grow up to 48 individual fruits, vegetables, and herbs

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the Vertical Organic Garden because it only requires about five square feet of space. Set it up on your patio or deck, in your kitchen, or even in your living room. No soil means no mess, and even the smallest dorms and apartments can accommodate a VOG.

Save $100's on GroceriesIt's like having a grocery store in your home

Buying organic foods can be expensive, not to mention the countless trips to the store. Grow your own fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs from your own home saving money on grocery bills and transportation.

A Project the Whole Family Will Love!Easy to use and assemble. Fully collapsible - modular design

The Vertical Organic Garden is so that easy that gravity can do it! This is a fun family project that your kids will want to get involved with. Teach them about the importance of where our food comes from and how the earth is affected. Educate them on the importance of making healthy food choices now and for life!

Reduce Your Carbon FootprintEverything About the Vertical Organic Garden is Good for the Earth

Feel good about conserving water and reducing your overall carbon footprint! Traditional soil gardens require daily watering to stay alive, and only a small percentage of that water actually gets to the plants. Much of it is wasted through evaporation. The Vertical Organic Garden saves up to 95% of water used in soil gardening because it is used so efficiently through hydroponics and the recirculation process.