The Science Behind V.O.G.

Nourish your Vertical Organic Garden with the science of hydroponic (soil-less) gardening! In this closed loop system (called Nutrient film transfer, or NFT), nutrient-filled water is pumped from the reservoir up to the top of the garden, where gravity carries it through the roots of the plants and back down into the reservoir. Hydroponic systems work so well because they remove the least reliable and predictable part of gardening: the soil. Plants don't need soil to grow, only the nutrients found there. In fact, soil is the cause for most gardens problems as it provides the perfect nursery for pests to lay their eggs. Soil also interfere’s with the plants ability to uptake water and nutrients, and absorbs water faster than roots can take it in, resulting in a water wastage rate of ~ 95%. Finally, no soil gives you full control over the pH of your garden. Plants grow best with slight acidity (a 6 or 6.5 on the pH scale). Tap water is neutral (7), and the fertilizer is quite acidic. The correct ratio of water to fertilizer will give you a pH of 6-6.5, perfect for your plants! Removing soil from the equation, the Vertical Organic Garden puts you in control of every aspect of your garden.

Standing on the shoulders of this proven science and guided by its interactive software, you know your plants are getting exactly the right amount of food and water. Best of all, your plants are no longer having to work hard to get their food from the soil. Instead this energy is spent on growth, resulting in bigger and better yields!