V.O.G. Technology

Beginner gardeners, have no fear! The V.O.G.'s simple plug and play technology has your back!

The V.O.G. offers planting guides customized to your local climate zone, and allows you to design the perfect garden for your home. The amount of direct sun your V.O.G. receives is critical to the success of the food you’re growing. And remember, the V.O.G. weighs less than 30lbs, making it easy to move around throughout the seasons to maximize sun exposure. 

Once your garden is planted, simply hit the "start" button on your phone, and the V.O.G. app will do the rest! Guiding you by sending reminders once a week to check things like your water level, pH balance and the amount of fertilizer in the water. This gives you the peace of mind that your garden will let you know when it needs maintenance.