About the Vertical Organic Garden

Welcome to the future of food! An innovative blend of science and technology, the Vertical Organic Garden gives you the ability to grow your own food in an organic, earth-friendly way that will save you money! No-soil gardening means no guesswork, and with the V.O.G.'s fully automated watering system you’ll never over or under-water your plants ever again! The software will guide you from setup right through to harvesting your own 100% organic food. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your living art grow, knowing that if your garden needs attention, it will text you!

The V.O.G. is the perfect fit for every season, and every climate zone. Enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables year round, as your V.O.G. transforms from greenhouse, to outdoor garden, to indoor garden! The V.O.G. grows up to 48 individual pots of fruits, veggies, and herbs in less than 8sq. ft. Using just 5% of the water needed grow a traditional garden, the V.O.G. is truly built for the 21st century.

Nourish your Vertical Organic Garden with the science of hydroponic (soil-less) gardening! In this closed loop system, nutrient-filled water is pumped from the reservoir up to the top of the garden... read more

Beginner gardeners, have no fear! The V.O.G.'s simple plug and play technology has your back! The V.O.G. planting guide... read more

For the people who live in the colder regions with a shorter season, growing indoors is a perfect solution for year-round produce... read more

Optimize your nutrition by eating organic food grown in your own home, and enjoy the many benefits of living the plant-to-plate lifestyle... read more

The Vertical Organic Garden will benefit every aspect of your life, from your health - to your wallet! Growing your own food is the cleanest, greenest option: you never know what will end up on your food or your plate! Be the change you want to see in the world! Vertical Organic Gardening is your next step towards a better future!